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William LEVERETT, Sr. William LEVERETT, Sr.Male 1730 - 1814  (84 years)
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  • Name William LEVERETT  [1
    Suffix Sr. 
    Relationshipwith John Louis CARR
    Born 1730  Essex County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1814  Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Age 84 years 
    • William Leverett >> Re: Leverette Plantation in Lincolnton, GA
      From what I can gather, William Leverett and son, Robert, and his sons, had the plantation. There is another researcher on this forum searching Burrell Leverett, but to my knowledge, he is not a son of William Leverett. There is a question as to the wife of William Leverett. One researcher says it cannot be 'Rachel Watts' as she was in the north and married to another William Leverett. Our line is as follows:
      William Leverett > Thomas & Mary Griffin Leverett > Abraham & Emily Dozier Leverett > Nicholas Thompkins & Sarah M. Kennedy Leverett >Malvin Griffin & Mary E. Lynn Leverett > Susan Mae Leverett & Billy Thomas Olen CASHION and they had 8 children; one is my husband, Harold S. Cashion.

      Other sons of William Leverett born 1722 and died probably 1813 or1814:
      Abraham Leverett Married Marth White
      William Leverett born about 1760, died 5 Jan 1812 Putnam, Ga.
      John Leverett b. 1761 married Mary Thompson son: Joel
      Henry Leverett of Lincoln, GA
      Annie Leverett born 1762 ? of Lincoln, GA Died 1820
      Richard LEVERETT B. 1766
      Robert Leverett b. 1757 d.1806 Married: Patrsy Hammock
      Seley or Cealy Leverett b. 1771 of Lincoln, GA
      Absalom Leverett b.1778 d.1817 of Wilkes, GA
      Thomas J. Leverett b. 12 May 1755 d.8 Jun 1834 Troup Ga.
      If you or anyone have something to add or correct, I would greatly appreciate it.
      Carla Cashion
      Re: Leverett slaves 1700-1800
      In the Courthouse of Terrell County Georgia is a deed, dated 31st Dec.1850, where a Charity Leverett purchased from her father Fielding Godbee an eleven-year old girl by the name of Betsy. This a copy of the main deed which was recorded in Burke County Georgia. Unfortunately, the courthouse of Burke County was burned in the 1930s by a sheriff who did not want some of his transactions investigated (at least, this is what I was told). All records were destroyed. However, there is a small library in Waynesboro that claims they have copies of many records; you may try them. Burke County Georgia borders Aiken, Barnwell and Allendale Counties in South Carolina. Charity was my great-great-grandmother and my Leverett family was in Burke County from 1790s until the 1850s. This same Betsy's marriage is recorded in the Terrell County Georgia courthouse with both her and her husband listing Leverett as their last names.
      Hope this helps.
      Mike Leverette
      You can't know how happy I was to see some listings for the descendants of Leverett slaves. I did family research and traced my family back to plantation land in Lincolnton Ga. which was once known as Leverett Ga. My 5th great grandfather signed a will, which is still on file there and he listed several slaves by first name. I was disturbed by the information found but have tried to contact any of the possible descendants to give what information I have to the families. I know that the plantation was established somewhere near 1800. The family had come from Maryland...through the Carolinas then to Ga. I have one record of a slave purchases, and the names listed in the 1806 will and also a will of 1830. I also have a listing of all black Leveretts who married beginning in 1866 in that county up through the 1930s when records were combined. There are still some of the slave descendants living in Washington Ga., Lincolnton GA area...also across the Savannah River in McCormick and Greenwood SC. Union County, SC has some records of slave purchases made in that county. I hope I can be of any help and wish to offer my acknowledgement of my ancestor's participation in an awful era. I cannot change what they did, but can certainly not excuse it. Cordially: Lindsey
      My Family of Slavery comes out of Lincolnton, Georgia. My Grandfather was William (Red Will) Leverett and he looked just like a white man. He could have been for all I know. He married a woman named IDA... That is all i know about my grandmother. I want to know about my Grandmother.... Ida and Red Will Leverett...children were....Jessie, Jack, Elizabeth, Buster (Willaim Jr), Till, Lee, Grace and Roy.......they all migrated north... Ida died during child ROY,,, the youngest....who had some type of birth defect.... butwho was taken care the north by his siblings....PLEASE..PLEASE PLEASE.... I WANT A PICTURE OF IDA.............
      The original plantation was located near Lincolnton Ga. by the Savannah River. That land is now under water since the opening of the Strom Thurmond project several years ago. There were at least two Leverett's, possibly brothers, who had land in the area. The one I have researched is Robert Leverett who has a will on file at the Lincolnton Courthouse. I have a copy of that will and of there-evaluation of the estate when his wife died. Several slaves were listed by first name in these documents. I also have a copy of the first black Leverett's to legally marry. This list is from 1866-1930s.I have spoken to some descendants from the plantation slaves who live in Greenwood S.C. I have their names and contact information. You may email me @ and I will respond as to how to get copies of what I have to you. My Grandmother was a Leverett and after tracing her family and finding slaves on the plantations, I am hopeful to provide whatever information I can to those persons descendants. Thank you for your response, Lindsey

      William Leverett (son of John Leverett) was born Abt. 1730 in Virginia (probably Essex County), and died 1815 in Wilkes County, Georgia. He married Unknown Wife on Bef. 1790.

      Notes for William Leverett:
      Name supplied by William Sanders Tucker. Also supplied by "Acorns to Oaks".
      More: See "Acorns to Oaks"
      Children's names came from a book called "The Georgians"
      William of Wilkes County, Georgia was the patriarch of the Georgia Leveretts. {ATO}
      No other information is available about William's mother and next to nothing about his brothers and sisters.

      William was married at least twice, but the name of the first wife, and the mother of his children, is not known. He seems to have married Bridget ______ circa 1790, since her name was first mentioned when she and William conveyed property to son Abraham in Greene County. She evidently died circa 1796 since her name ceased to appear on land transactions during the year. William had thirteen children: three daughters, the daughter who married Benjamin Reason; Elizabeth, who married George Tucker; and a daughter Elizabeth who married Peter Ashmore. His ten sons were: Seley, John, Thomas, Robert, William Jr., Abraham, Absolom, Aaron, Henry, and Richard (exact order of birth unknown).

      During the next several years William engaged in several other land transactions: In 1784, on July 28, he was granted 200 acres on Little River. In 1785, on Feb 12, William was granted 200 acres by the governor of Georgia on Little River. In 1785, William lived on Beaverdam Creek on land bounded by Micajah and Sally Williamson's land on the north and south forks of Beaverdam Creek. In 1789, William bought 63 acres on Kettle Creek. In 1790 William and Bridget deeded to Benjamin Baldwin 200 acres from a 1785 grant to William. In 1790, William Leverett and wife Bridget deeded 200 acres of the 1785 grant to son Robert.

      In 1790 William served on grand jury that indicted Joseph Wilson for assaulting Benajah Smith, Collector of Taxes. January 25, 1790, William and Bridget deeded to Benjamin Baldwin 200 acres bounded on the south by Little River. In 1792 William and Bridget deeded to Butler 347 acres on Beaverdam Creek (grant of 1787). In 1796 William deeded 63 acres on Kettle Creek to Phillip Jones Stark. It is likely that Bridget died prior to this transaction, since she did not sign the deed.

      In 1805 Capt Welburn's District showed William Leverett to have four slaves and 400 acres of land granted to him at Camp Creek. Son Absolom had five slaves and 314 acres at Little River; Thomas had ten slaves and 350 acres granted to him at Little River. In 1806, Capt. Lyle's District showed Joel Leverett with 115 1/2 acres and William Leverett at Stephen's Creek. In 1806 Capt. Welburn's District shows William Leverett with 12 slaves and 400 acres of land at Camp Creek. In 1807 William received from Larkin Barton 202 1/2 acres on Little River in Baldwin County. In May term 1809 William sued Lanard Switzer for a debt. In 1810 William deeded to Abraham 400 acres on Camp Creek granted him in 1785.

      In 1815 William Leverett died. By all transactions he must have been about eighty-five years old. By this time Robert, William Absolom and Aaron had preceded him in death. Legatees were Seley and John Leverett, Benjamin Reason (son-in-law), George Tucker (son-in-law), Thomas Leverett, Robert Leverett (deceased, Jordan Leverett, executor); Absalom (deceased son of William, Ann Leverett, Admrx.). Celia, widow of William Jr. received his portion. Abraham Leverett was appointed administrator Jan. 2, 1815. Not mentioned in the will were Henry, d. 1820 in Lincoln County, Richard, and Elizabeth Ashmore.
      There were several papers on William's estate, all pointing to the fact that he was a successful planter and businessman: promissory notes; sales of goods and chattels; rent of the negroes each year and to whom; receipts and returns each year. {From section called "William and Gridget Leverett" Acorns to Oaks, A Genealogy of the Leverett and Oatman Families; Julia Aline Leverett Compiler; La Vera H. Leverett, Ed.D, Writer, Editor & Researcher.

      It is not clear what William and his brother John were doing when the War (Revolutionary) started. Several of William's sons entered the fray on the side of Georgia and John Jr., who was 15 years younger than William, entered the War on the side of North Carolina. The war ended by 1783 and by 1784 the Leveretts were settling into Georgia. By 1790 William and Bridget were settled into Wilkes County, as evidenced by transfer of 200 acres in Greene County to son Abraham. William evidently married Briget _______, circa 1790, since her name did not appear on any document prior to that year. She seems to have died circa 1796, since her name stopped appearing on documents about that time. William, himself, died in 1815. (ATO)

      Shortly before the Revolutionary War started in 1776 the William Leverett family appeared in Georgia and promptly started acquiring as much land as they could get their hands on.

      It was a large family with three daughters and ten sons. Seven of the sons fought in the Revolutionary War in Georgia, took the land granted to them for that service, and proceeded to populate a sizeable portion of the state of Georgia. Most of them were already married with families before they arrived in Georgia. The rest got married and spread out in the east and central part of Georgia. All of the Georgia Leveretts were related. They were either the descendants of William or of his brother John of Burke County. Georgia. They seem to have done well for themselves. No doubt the headright and bounty grants given to Revolutionary War Soldiers gave them their start. The following grants were awarded:

      Grantee County Ac Year
      Henry Washington 287 1/2 1784
      Henry Wilkes 200 1785
      John Washington 287 1/2 1785
      John Wilkes 200 1785
      Richard Scriven 1784
      Robert Wilkes 1785
      Thomas Wilkes 1785
      Thomas Troup 1785
      Wm. Jr. Wilkes 1785

      The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia listed Absolom, Thomas and Henry in the Militia in 1793. The Leveretts took part in every Land Lottery.

      Nobody knows for sure exactly where the William Leverett family came from. No information is available as to whom he first married or when or where his children were born. It it almost as if, like Athena, William sprang full grown from Zeus' forehead and landed right in the middle of Wilkes County, Georgia. (ATO)

      The Wilkes County 1794 tax list - Captain Joseph Morrow Company -- of 115 names shows George, Thomas, and Woodard Tucker; William Leveritt, Jno. Leverett, Senr., and Jno. Leveritt, Junr.; Kimme Foster and William S. Foster; Nathan Smith and William Elder. Their lands being taxed are identified as being on streams of water named Kettle Creek, Beaverdam Creek, and Little River. The persons on this tax list are living in an area not very far east or south of Phillips' Mill Church.

      From the Phillips' Mill Church minutes:
      April 11, 1807. In absence of our pastor, Brother John Robertson, etc. Brother Foster (should be Kimmie) and Old Brother Leveritte (most likely William Leverette, Sr.) app. to keep key to meeting house and sweep the house.
      May 5, 1807. Ordered by church that Brother Kimmy Foster and wife Prudence have letters of dismission.

      Kimmie and Prudence Foster, and also their daughter and son-in-law, Prudence and Daniel Tucker, were members of this church (Phillips' Mill Church).

      The land deeds, tax record, and church minutes tie William Leverett to the same area as George and Rebecca Tucker.

      More About William Leverett and Unknown Wife:
      Marriage: Bef. 1790

      Children of William Leverett and Unknown Wife are:
      +Rebecca Leverett, b. Bet. 1755 - 1765, Virginia, d. Bef. 1821, Georgia.
    • He was born 1726/30 in Virginia and died January 12, 1791 or 1815, Wilkes County., Georgia. He married Rachel Bridget? Watts. Land grant to William and Thomas on Little River, 1784, between Wilkes and Lincoln Co., Georgia. In 1760 he lived in Westmoreland Co., Virginia. In 1802 he was a member of the Old Philipmill Baptist Church, Wilkes Co., Georgia.
      LDS Leverett Site--Godfrey Leverett
    • William Leverett (b. 1730, d. Bef. 03 Jul 1815)
      William Leverett (son of John Leverett) was born 1730 in Essex Co., Va.,, and died Bef. 03 Jul 1815 in Wilkes Co., GA.He married (1) Jincey Phillips.He married (2) Bridget unknown.
      Includes NotesNotes for William Leverett:
      WILLIAM1 LEVERETT died Abt. 1814 in Wilkes Co., GA. "...the 2nd day of
      January 1815 The Honorable Court of Ordinary met agreeable to Law.
      Present their Honors Wm Sansom Benj Porter Johnson Wellborne Wm Evans
      Esqrs...ordered that Letters of administration Abraham Leverett to
      administer the Estate of Wm Leverett dec'd Silas Catching & William
      Ashmore Security in the sum of Seven thousand Dollars." Wilkes County,
      The children I show for William Leverett:
      Abraham b. about 1759
      William b. Abt1760 d.1812
      John b 1761 d. 1818
      Henry b? died 1820
      Annie b 1762 d. 1820
      Richard b1766
      Robert b.1757 d.1806
      Seley or Cealy b. 1771
      Absalom b 1776 d 1817
      Thomas J. b.1755 d. 1834
      Georgia, Court of Ordinary Minutes 1799-1903; Tucker cites Minutes
      1799-1827, Wilkes Co Georgia, 95,96.
      He married BRIDGET. Source for wife's name: William Leverett, wife
      Bridget, sold land in Wilkes Co GA 1790 See Wilkes Co GA DB HH.
      Children of WILLIAM LEVERETT and BRIDGET are:
      i. JOHN2 LEVERETT.
      More About JOHN LEVERETT:
      Burial: died abt1818
      More About ABRAHAM LEVERETT:
      Burial: Abt. 1836, owned land in Chambers Co AL
      More About ABSOLOM LEVERETT:
      Burial: January 07, 1799, married Polly McElroy
      v. THOMAS LEVERETT, b. May 12, 1755.
      More About THOMAS LEVERETT:
      Burial: born ?VA?
      Fact 3: July 03, 1789, married to Mary Griffin
      vi. ROBERT LEVERETT, b. Abt. 1757; m. PATSY HAMMOCK.Burial: September
      18, 1806, Death date in Lincoln Co GA
      PATSY HAMMOCK: May have been dau of Benedict Hammock. She also had a
      brother Robert. Possible undocumented source: Internet FTM COMBS & c.
      Families of Wilkes Co GA.
      vii. WILLIAM W. LEVERETT, b. 17601; d. Abt. 1812, Will proved in Putnam
      County Georgia; His last will and testament can be found in Putnam Co
      GA Will Book A, 1808-1822, p. 14-15. m. CEALEY ANNE MOSELEY, 1790,
      Wilkes Co Georgia. Source for William
      ...According to DAR ID Number
      80615, recorded on page 234 of Volume 81 of the National Society of the
      Daughters of the American Revolution....William Leverett served as a
      private during the Revolution in Georgia for which service he received a
      tract of land in Cherokee County.
      Donna, I have no personal documentation to support this. Some genealogy
      research in military records for Georgia leads me to believe this could
      very well have been a Citizens' bounty land grant.
      2. viii. REBECCA LEVERETT, b. Abt. 1764; d. Abt. 1816.Source for death
      date is found in Grace G. Davidson, Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes
      County, Volume II (Vidalia, GA, Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Publisher,
      1968): 250.
      She married GEORGE TUCKER, SR.. Rebecca is given as the name of his wife
      in Wilkes County,Georgia DB RR. He was born 1745 in Amelia Co Va, and
      died 1852 in Marion Co AL.Revolutionary War
      Source for George Tucker birth and death dates: Pension Papers 5.979
      Alabama County. Martha Tucker, Widow of George Tucker who served in the
      Revolutionary War as Priv. & Lieut. Inscribed on the roll at the rate
      of 46 dollars 66 cents per annum to commence on the 23rd February 1853.
      Certificate of Pension issued 27 day of November 1856 and sent to John
      D. Terrell, Pikeville, AL. Recorded on Roll of Pensioners under act
      February 3, 1853, page 157 9?) Volume 26. The State of Alabama Fayette
      County County Court in Vacation December 3, 1833.
      I have a Joel Phillips Leverett, b. abt. 1782/1783 in North Carolina, who married Elizabeth Hatley on 25th June, 1824 and Mary Bishop in 1827. Also an unknown first marriage bef. 1806. Joel and Elizabeth were married 25 June 1824 in Wilkes Co., GA. Joel was the son of John Leverett, b. abt. 1749 in Virginia, d. bef. 02 Nov, 1818 in Wilkes Co., GA., and Mary Thompson. John and Mary were married in 1773 in NC. John was the son of my William Leverett, b. 1730 in Essex Co., Va., d. bef. 03 July 1815 in Wilkes Co., GA. and wife Jincey, possiblly surname Phillips. William's second wife was Bridget.
      Here are the ancestors of William Leverett
      Godfrey Leverett, b l565 in London, d. l615 on London.
      Thomas Leverett, b. l600 in London, d. in Boston, Mass.
      Thomas Leverett Jr., b.l630 in Boston'
      Thomas Leverett III, b. l655 in Boston, d. l685 in VA.
      Robert Leverett, b. 1673 in Rappahannock, Va. d. Essex Co. Va.
      John Leverett Sr. b. 1711 in Va. D. l779in Anson Co. N. C.
      William Leverett b. 1730, Wilkes Co. Ga., d. 1815 in Wilkes Co. Ga. This is WM. Sr
      Godfrey Leverett, b l565 in London d. l615 in London. Married Susan in l590.
      Thomas Leverett, b.1600 in London,d. Boston,Ma. married Anne Nichols
      Thomas Leverett Jr. b.1630 in Boston
      Thomas Leverett III, b.1655,Boston, d. l685 in Virginia.
      Robert Leverett, b. l673, Rappahannock, Va. d. Essex Co, Va.
      Robert had two sons- Robert Leverett Jr. b. 1709 and John Leverett Sr. b. 1711, Essex Co, Va.
      Child of John Leverett Sr.
      William Leverett b. 1730 Wilkes Co, Ga. d. 1815 in Wilkes Co.
      He was born about 1565, England. He married Susan.
      He was born 1600, London, England and died in Boston, Mass. He married Anne
      NICHOLAS, October 17, 1625 Saint James, Clerkenwell, London, England.--LDS:
      Batch#M001411 Dates: 1551-1754 Source Call No.: 942 B4HA V.13 Please Note:
      there were two Thomas Leverett's who emigrated to Boston, one in 1633 and
      the other about 1628.
      He was born 1630, Boston, Mass and died 1654.
      He was born about 1655, Boston, Mass. and died 1685 in Virginia.
      He was born about 1673, Rappahannock Co., Virginia and died in Essex Co.,
      Virginia. He married Elizabeth COGGINS.
      He was born 1710/11, Essex Co., Virginia and died about 1779, Anson Co.,
      North Carolina. His wife name is unknown.
      Children of John LEVERETT:
      William LEVERETT (Below)
      John LEVERETT
    • William Leverett
      M, b. before 1761
      William Leverett whose parents are unknown was born before 1761.
      On August 6, 1783, 300 ac acres on Beaverdam Creek, fork was surveyed for Micajah Williamson at Wilkes Co, Georgia. (now Hancock Co). SB A 3-3 #11. Bordered by William Ellis, Samuel Huff, William Leverett, Nathaniel Smith.
      On February 10, 1784, 500 ac acres on Kemps Creek was surveyed for Richard Call at Wilkes Co, Georgia. (now Hancock Co). SB G 122-2 #331. Bordered by William Leverett.
      On May 10, 1784, 304 ac acres on Beaverdam Creek was surveyed for William Leverett at Wilkes Co, Georgia, (now Hancock Co). SB G 218-3 #610. Bordered by Thomas Tucker, Unknown Hart and Unknown Williamson(SB ).
      On June 19, 1784, 200 acres on Beaverdam Creek waters was surveyed for Thomas Tucker at Wilkes Co, Georgia. (now Hancock Co). SB G 345-3 #976. Bordered by John Jones, William Leverett, William Terrell.1
      On November 9, 1784, 400 ac acres on Kemps Creek was surveyed for William Leverett at Wilkes Co, Georgia, (now Hancock Co). SB G 230-2 #640. Bordered by John Kelly and Benjamin Catching(SB ).
      On May 8, 1785, 100 ac acres on Kemps Creek was surveyed for Benjamin Catching at Wilkes Co, Georgia. (now Hancock Co). SB G 123-1 #334. Bordered by William Leverett.
      On July 4, 1785 at Wilkes Co, Georgia, Micajah Williamson and wife Sally Williamson sold John Crutchfield 300 ac acres on Beaverdam Creek (now Hancock Co). DB AA 145, William Leverett, Samuel Huff, William Ellis.. .2
      On May 17, 1786, 200 ac acres on Kemps Creek was surveyed for John Ashmore at Wilkes Co, Georgia. (now Hancock Co). SB H 362-1 #701. Bordered by William Leverett.

      [S675] Georgia Colonial and Headright Plat Index; compiler: Mary A. Abbe 2009.
      [S54] Early Records of Georgia, Wilkes County; Vol I; Grace Gilliam Davidson; Rev Silas Emmett Jr publisher, Vidalia, GA, 1933;Love Houston Memorial Library, Dothan, Houston Co, Alabama; 929.3758 DAV.
    • The Early Records of Georgia, Volume II, Wilkes County - Start of Page 250
      LEVERETT, WILLIAM dec'd est. Abraham Leverett, admr. Returns for 1817 paid Seley and John Leverett, Benj. Reason and Geo. Tucker, legatees. Returns for 1816, paid John and Thos. Leverett and Geo. Tucker legatees. Returns for 1819, paid Jordan Leverett, excr of Robt. Leverett, dec'd one of the legatees. Paid R. Booker for Anne Leverett, admx of Absolom Leverett, dec'd son of Wm., one of the legatees. Paid John Leverett legacy.
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    Person ID I1564  Carr-Scott | Branch - John Leverett (1710-1779) Descendants
    Last Modified 11 NOV 2017 

    Father John LEVERETT
              b. 1710, Essex County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 1779, South Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 69 years) 
    Mother Mary GREENLEAF
              b. 1711 
    Married 08 SEP 1757  Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    +1. William LEVERETT, Sr.
              b. 1730, Essex County, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 1814, Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 84 years)
    Family ID F103  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Bridgett Rachel LEVERETT
              b. 04 MAY 1737, Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 13 JUN 1792, Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 55 years) 
    Married Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Married 1790  Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [3
    +1. John LEVERETT
              b. 1748, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 02 NOV 1818, Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 70 years)  [Natural]
    Married: 1x2. Annie J. LEVERETT
              b. 1751
    Married: 1x3. Elizabeth LEVERETT
              b. 1753
              d. 1820  (Age 67 years)
    +4. Rev. Thomas J. LEVERETT
              b. 12 MAY 1755, Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 11 JUL 1834, La Grange, Troup, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 79 years)
    +5. Robert Manning LEVERETT, Sr.
              b. 1757, Lincoln County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 18 SEP 1806, Lincolnton, Lincoln, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 49 years)
    +6. William LEVERETT, Jr.
              b. 1760
              d. 05 JAN 1812, Putnam County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 52 years)
    Married: 1x7. Anna Elizabeth LEVERETT
              b. 1762, Lincoln County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 1820, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 58 years)
     8. Henry LEVERETT
              b. Abt 1763, Lincoln County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  [Natural]
    Married: 1x9. Abraham LEVERETT
              b. 1765
              d. Aft 1818  (Age > 54 years)
     10. Richard LEVERETT
              b. 1766  [Natural]
    +11. Absalom LEVERETT
              b. 1770, Lincoln County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
              d. 01 MAY 1827, Wilkes County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 57 years)
     12. Seley LEVERETT
              b. 1771, Lincoln County, Georgia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
    Last Modified 27 FEB 2016 
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