Regis & Lana's
Carr Family Tree

Connecticut, USA


Parish : Latitude: 41.60322, Longitude: -73.08775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALL, Mary W.  1914Connecticut, USA I30402
2 BEACH, William A.  1852Connecticut, USA I20599
3 BRADLEY, Lillian  1923Connecticut, USA I3043
4 BRADLEY, Mary  1857Connecticut, USA I23113
5 BRADLEY, Mary  1916Connecticut, USA I3076
6 CARNEY, Edith  1891Connecticut, USA I20484
7 CARNEY, Irene  1894Connecticut, USA I23431
8 CASS, Anna  1914Connecticut, USA I13182
9 CASS, Annie E.  1873Connecticut, USA I13003
10 CASS, Catherine  1866Connecticut, USA I2211
11 CASS, Catherine B.  1898Connecticut, USA I13004
12 CASS, Cyril  1901Connecticut, USA I13031
13 CASS, Edward Paul  1912Connecticut, USA I2196
14 CASS, Elizabeth F.  1905Connecticut, USA I13063
15 CASS, James M.  1909Connecticut, USA I13107
16 CASS, Jennie L.  1894Connecticut, USA I12982
17 CASS, John F.  1907Connecticut, USA I13081
18 CASS, Katherine  1873Connecticut, USA I12993
19 CASS, Magaret  1903Connecticut, USA I13054
20 CASS, Marie  1899Connecticut, USA I13013
21 CASS, Marie  1911Connecticut, USA I13181
22 CASS, Winifred May  1904Connecticut, USA I2195
23 DACEY, Katherine  Abt 1894Connecticut, USA I14091
24 DYER, Anna  1853Connecticut, USA I31226
25 DYER, Emeline  15 MAR 1809Connecticut, USA I31222
26 DYER, Emma  1839Connecticut, USA I31223
27 DYER, Mary E.  1831Connecticut, USA I31227
28 DYER, Sarah M.  28 JAN 1846Connecticut, USA I31224
29 DYER, William Bowen  17 FEB 1799Connecticut, USA I31221
30 DYER, William Bowen Jr.  11 MAY 1842Connecticut, USA I31225
31 EGBERT, Anna  1848Connecticut, USA I28105
32 EGBERT, Edith  1876Connecticut, USA I23433
33 EGBERT, Ellen  1878Connecticut, USA I20485
34 EGBERT, George D.  1871Connecticut, USA I27534
35 EGBERT, Philander  1845Connecticut, USA I28104
36 EGBERT, Richard W.  1863Connecticut, USA I28102
37 FERKO, Annie  DEC 1897Connecticut, USA I10076
38 FERKO, Helen  OCT 1899Connecticut, USA I10077
39 FERKO, John Jr.  19 MAY 1896Connecticut, USA I10072
40 FERKO, Mary  JUN 1891Connecticut, USA I10075
41 HURD, Sarah Spaulding  16 APR 1843Connecticut, USA I13050
42 INGOLDSBY, Robert  Abt 1919Connecticut, USA I17461
43 LOCKWOOD, Alice M.  1927Connecticut, USA I29556
44 LOCKWOOD, Emma C.  1899Connecticut, USA I29555
45 LOCKWOOD, Jennie  1877Connecticut, USA I29551
46 LOCKWOOD, Lyman F.  1870Connecticut, USA I29553
47 LOCKWOOD, William H.  1833Connecticut, USA I29552
48 MARTIN, Horace Sessions  21 JAN 1792Connecticut, USA I30449
49 NORTON, Pamelia  08 SEP 1802Connecticut, USA I28461
50 OSBORNE, Simeon  1792Connecticut, USA I438

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARMORE, Emma F.  1946Connecticut, USA I6197
2 EGBERT, Montgomery George  12 OCT 1885Connecticut, USA I23432
3 FERKO, Katarina  09 NOV 1918Connecticut, USA I10078
4 INGOLDSBY, Peter  1893Connecticut, USA I1891
5 MILTON, William  1909Connecticut, USA I12989
6 SMITH, Clara  1922Connecticut, USA I27341
7 SMITH, Elbert Osborne  1939Connecticut, USA I6196
8 SMITH, Vivian S.  1965Connecticut, USA I3385
9 WOODWORTH, Hannah Blanche  29 MAR 1959Connecticut, USA I29333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SMITH, Vivian S.  1965Connecticut, USA I3385


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BOBLES, Francis A.  1864Connecticut, USA I4098


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AVERY / STEPHENS  1619Connecticut, USA F1429