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Carr Family Tree

Forfar, Angus, Scotland


City : Latitude: 56.64356, Longitude: -2.88906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARR, Adam  22 MAY 1831Forfar, Angus, Scotland I42
2 CARR, David  SEP 1829Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2152
3 KERR, Alexander  22 SEP 1806Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2146
4 KERR, Ann  22 NOV 1810Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2147
5 KERR, David  17 AUG 1808Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2148
6 KERR, Elizabeth  03 NOV 1822Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2151
7 KERR, Isabella  09 DEC 1816Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081
8 KERR, James  16 APR 1804Forfar, Angus, Scotland I858
9 KERR, Jean  27 FEB 1819Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2150
10 KERR, Peter  18 AUG 1805Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2145
11 KERR, William  17 AUG 1815Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2149
12 LAMB, David  Abt 1842Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2153
13 MASTERTON, Ann  Abt 1848Forfar, Angus, Scotland I862
14 MASTERTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1838Forfar, Angus, Scotland I868
15 MASTERTON, James  Abt 1843Forfar, Angus, Scotland I864
16 MASTERTON, John  DEC 1817Forfar, Angus, Scotland I866
17 MASTERTON, Margaret  Abt 1840Forfar, Angus, Scotland I867
18 MASTERTON, Peter  Abt 1842Forfar, Angus, Scotland I865
19 WILSON, Alexander  1828Forfar, Angus, Scotland I887


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CARR, David  27 SEP 1829Forfar, Angus, Scotland I2152
2 CARR, William F.  18 JUN 1837Forfar, Angus, Scotland I974
3 KERR, Isabella  12 DEC 1816Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARR, William F.  JUN 1837Forfar, Angus, Scotland I974
2 MASTERTON, John  08 DEC 1817Forfar, Angus, Scotland I866
3 MASTERTON, Margaret  06 1839Forfar, Angus, Scotland I867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON, John  29 NOV 1884Forfar, Angus, Scotland I866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 KERR, Isabella  1851Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081
2 KERR, Isabella  1861Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081
3 KERR, Isabella  1871Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081
4 KERR, Isabella  1891Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081
5 KERR, Isabella  1901Forfar, Angus, Scotland I7081
6 MASTERTON, Ann  1851Forfar, Angus, Scotland I862
7 MASTERTON, Ann  1861Forfar, Angus, Scotland I862
8 MASTERTON, Ann  1871Forfar, Angus, Scotland I862
9 MASTERTON, Ann  1891Forfar, Angus, Scotland I862
10 MASTERTON, Ann  1901Forfar, Angus, Scotland I862
11 MASTERTON, Elizabeth  1851Forfar, Angus, Scotland I868
12 MASTERTON, Elizabeth  1861Forfar, Angus, Scotland I868
13 MASTERTON, Elizabeth  1871Forfar, Angus, Scotland I868
14 MASTERTON, Elizabeth  1891Forfar, Angus, Scotland I868
15 MASTERTON, Elizabeth  1901Forfar, Angus, Scotland I868
16 MASTERTON, James  1851Forfar, Angus, Scotland I864
17 MASTERTON, James  1861Forfar, Angus, Scotland I864
18 MASTERTON, Margaret  1851Forfar, Angus, Scotland I867
19 MASTERTON, Margaret  1861Forfar, Angus, Scotland I867
20 MASTERTON, Peter  1851Forfar, Angus, Scotland I865
21 MASTERTON, Peter  31 MAR 1891Forfar, Angus, Scotland I865
22 MASTERTON, Peter  06 APR 1891Forfar, Angus, Scotland I865


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KERR / McFarland  05 OCT 1828Forfar, Angus, Scotland F241
2 KERR / WATT  24 DEC 1803Forfar, Angus, Scotland F567
3 MASTERTON / KERR  01 JAN 1837Forfar, Angus, Scotland F2382