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Smith County, Texas, USA

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Smith County, Texas, USA
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County/Shire : Latitude: 32.33525, Longitude: -95.31025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRADLEY, Nettie  22 NOV 1878Smith County, Texas, USA I29313 Carr-Scott 
2 BULLARD, Carrie  21 OCT 1876Smith County, Texas, USA I19353 Carr-Scott 
3 BULLARD, Etta W.  22 MAR 1873Smith County, Texas, USA I19235 Carr-Scott 
4 BULLARD, Josiah Hood  22 MAY 1878Smith County, Texas, USA I19237 Carr-Scott 
5 BUSBY, Ira Claude  13 JUL 1897Smith County, Texas, USA I29987 Carr-Scott 
6 DOBBS, Mary Marcelite  01 FEB 1896Smith County, Texas, USA I19534 Carr-Scott 
7 DOZIER, Georgia Ann  01 JUN 1860Smith County, Texas, USA I9213 Carr-Scott 
8 DOZIER, William R.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I29985 Carr-Scott 
9 HARRINGTON, Bertha J.  MAR 1886Smith County, Texas, USA I10453 Carr-Scott 
10 HARRINGTON, Earnest J.  02 APR 1888Smith County, Texas, USA I10443 Carr-Scott 
11 HARRINGTON, Lula Mae  OCT 1878Smith County, Texas, USA I10441 Carr-Scott 
12 HARRINGTON, Shady Belle  1882Smith County, Texas, USA I10442 Carr-Scott 
13 LANGLEY, Byron  1904Smith County, Texas, USA I19245 Carr-Scott 
14 LANGLEY, Gallatin  1884Smith County, Texas, USA I19241 Carr-Scott 
15 LANGLEY, Joe  06 FEB 1908Smith County, Texas, USA I19246 Carr-Scott 
16 LANGLEY, Willie Humphry  1892Smith County, Texas, USA I19240 Carr-Scott 
17 RANEY, Ezra Preston  02 AUG 1890Smith County, Texas, USA I29860 Carr-Scott 
18 RATHER, B. B.  19 APR 1884Smith County, Texas, USA I28857 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOX, Mary Alice  21 FEB 1922Smith County, Texas, USA I3649 Carr-Scott 
2 BOX, Pauline Ellen  05 FEB 1987Smith County, Texas, USA I3661 Carr-Scott 
3 BRICKEY, Velma G.  23 OCT 1988Smith County, Texas, USA I29898 Carr-Scott 
4 BULLARD, Carrie  31 JUL 1877Smith County, Texas, USA I19353 Carr-Scott 
5 BUTLER, Dr. Samuel Lovick  18 JUL 1898Smith County, Texas, USA I19229 Carr-Scott 
6 CAIN, Washington Gray  5 JAN 1912Smith County, Texas, USA I13224 Carr-Scott 
7 CALLAHAN, Richard Alvin  15 FEB 1991Smith County, Texas, USA I31538 Carr-Scott 
8 DOVE, J. Lovella  20 APR 1961Smith County, Texas, USA I11459 Carr-Scott 
9 DOVE, Karl Dee Sr.  26 MAR 1977Smith County, Texas, USA I5750 Carr-Scott 
10 HAAKE, Kenneth Herman Sr.  20 AUG 1997Smith County, Texas, USA I29053 Carr-Scott 
11 HARRINGTON, Earnest J.  14 JUL 1889Smith County, Texas, USA I10443 Carr-Scott 
12 HUDSON, Lucinda  15 MAY 1873Smith County, Texas, USA I320 Carr-Scott 
13 LEE, Charlotte Rebecca  Aft 23 FEB 1887Smith County, Texas, USA I6041 Carr-Scott 
14 LEE, Lucy Lorene  29 NOV 1931Smith County, Texas, USA I19375 Carr-Scott 
15 NICHOLS, Martha Lee  08 MAY 1997Smith County, Texas, USA I28144 Carr-Scott 
16 PRESTLEY, Eva C.  18 AUG 1934Smith County, Texas, USA I29642 Carr-Scott 
17 RATHER, Dr. Hewitt Montgomery  05 FEB 1891Smith County, Texas, USA I316 Carr-Scott 
18 RATHER, James Burness  23 SEP 1875Smith County, Texas, USA I319 Carr-Scott 
19 STEWART, Paul Edward  29 MAR 1987Smith County, Texas, USA I6728 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 ACREY, Ida M.  1940Smith County, Texas, USA I19530 Carr-Scott 
2 ACREY, Silas Othel  1940Smith County, Texas, USA I19519 Carr-Scott 
3 BRADLEY, Janie  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I29318 Carr-Scott 
4 BRADLEY, Nettie  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I29313 Carr-Scott 
5 BRADLEY, Samuel J.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I29314 Carr-Scott 
6 BRADLEY, Stephen E.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I9215 Carr-Scott 
7 BRADLEY, Warburton E.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I29316 Carr-Scott 
8 BRADLEY, Warren  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I29317 Carr-Scott 
9 BULLARD, A. L.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19236 Carr-Scott 
10 BULLARD, Etta W.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19235 Carr-Scott 
11 BULLARD, Etta W.  1900Smith County, Texas, USA I19235 Carr-Scott 
12 BULLARD, Etta W.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I19235 Carr-Scott 
13 BULLARD, John Lovic  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19234 Carr-Scott 
14 BULLARD, John Henry  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19228 Carr-Scott 
15 BULLARD, John Henry  1900Smith County, Texas, USA I19228 Carr-Scott 
16 BULLARD, Josiah Hood  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19237 Carr-Scott 
17 BULLARD, Josiah Hood  1900Smith County, Texas, USA I19237 Carr-Scott 
18 BULLARD, T. H.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19233 Carr-Scott 
19 BUSBY, Ira Claude  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I29987 Carr-Scott 
20 BUTLER, Lila  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19382 Carr-Scott 
21 BUTLER, Lovick Pierce  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19378 Carr-Scott 
22 BUTLER, Dr. Samuel Lovick  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19229 Carr-Scott 
23 BUTLER, Thaddeus Lee  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19380 Carr-Scott 
24 CAIN, Mary Eliza  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13225 Carr-Scott 
25 CAIN, Washington Gray  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13224 Carr-Scott 
26 CROCKER, Delilah Miranda  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I14668 Carr-Scott 
27 DOZIER, Alonzo E.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I9590 Carr-Scott 
28 DOZIER, Georgia Ann  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I9213 Carr-Scott 
29 DOZIER, James Fletcher  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I9211 Carr-Scott 
30 DOZIER, Lona L.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I29984 Carr-Scott 
31 DOZIER, Lottie B.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I9589 Carr-Scott 
32 DOZIER, Marshall Earl  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I9591 Carr-Scott 
33 DOZIER, Wilber E.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I9592 Carr-Scott 
34 DOZIER, William R.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I29985 Carr-Scott 
35 DOZIER, Winnie V.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I9588 Carr-Scott 
36 ERWIN, Emaline Eugenia  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I19232 Carr-Scott 
37 HARRINGTON, Charles Young  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I10449 Carr-Scott 
38 HARRINGTON, Cora A.  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I10448 Carr-Scott 
39 HARRINGTON, Emma  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I10450 Carr-Scott 
40 HARRINGTON, Glennie Elizabeth  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I10440 Carr-Scott 
41 HARRINGTON, Lula Mae  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I10441 Carr-Scott 
42 HARRINGTON, Young Jeptha  1880Smith County, Texas, USA I10439 Carr-Scott 
43 JESTER, Herbert  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13230 Carr-Scott 
44 JESTER, John  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13231 Carr-Scott 
45 JESTER, Leven  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13229 Carr-Scott 
46 JESTER, Leven Jr.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13232 Carr-Scott 
47 JESTER, Ralph  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I13233 Carr-Scott 
48 JUDD, Clyde Frank  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I11541 Carr-Scott 
49 JUDD, Frank Leander  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I11464 Carr-Scott 
50 JUDD, Vera B.  1910Smith County, Texas, USA I11684 Carr-Scott 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BULLARD / Erwin  30 JUN 1868Smith County, Texas, USA F5854 Carr-Scott 
2 DOZIER / Knowles  28 NOV 1878Smith County, Texas, USA F3078 Carr-Scott 
3 SPONG / BOX  23 DEC 1973Smith County, Texas, USA F6548 Carr-Scott