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Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada

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Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
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Town : Latitude: 47.65807, Longitude: -52.73552


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOLGER, Michael  Abt 1860Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I27311 Carr-Scott 
2 BRADBURY, Alice  Abt 1826Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I102 Carr-Scott 
3 BRADBURY, Dorothy  1797Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31934 Carr-Scott 
4 BRADBURY, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I19898 Carr-Scott 
5 BRADBURY, Ellen  1795Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31933 Carr-Scott 
6 BRADBURY, Jonathan  1758Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I11053 Carr-Scott 
7 BRADBURY, Jonathan  18 DEC 1799Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31935 Carr-Scott 
8 BRADBURY, Sarah Ann  27 DEC 1797Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31936 Carr-Scott 
9 BULGER, James Joseph  22 JUL 1897Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I27309 Carr-Scott 
10 COX, Hannah  1767Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31932 Carr-Scott 
11 GOSS, Anne  Abt 1871Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I103 Carr-Scott 
12 GOSS, Catherine Maria  20 JUL 1874Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I95 Carr-Scott 
13 GOSS, Mary  Abt 1875Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I106 Carr-Scott 
14 GOSS, Samuel  Abt 1870Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I104 Carr-Scott 
15 GOSSE, Alice Agatha  1901Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I32846 Carr-Scott 
16 GOSSE, Ellen  30 JUL 1899Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I28183 Carr-Scott 
17 GOSSE, James  20 SEP 1877Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I105 Carr-Scott 
18 GOSSE, Michael Francis  APR 1903Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I32847 Carr-Scott 
19 GOSSE, Thomas  JUN 1865Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I28181 Carr-Scott 
20 GOSSE, William  01 JAN 1832Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I101 Carr-Scott 
21 GOSSE, William  1890Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I32845 Carr-Scott 
22 MARTIN, Sarah  OCT 1869Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I28182 Carr-Scott 
23 RYAN, David Joseph  10 MAR 1872Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I94 Carr-Scott 
24 RYAN, Patrick  1842Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I145 Carr-Scott 
25 TAPPER, Elizabeth  1862Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I27310 Carr-Scott 
26 TAPPER, George  28 AUG 1818Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I19899 Carr-Scott 
27 THORNE, Ethel May  18 JAN 1902Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I27312 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRADBURY, Elizabeth  19 SEP 1904Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I19898 Carr-Scott 
2 BRADBURY, Ellen  1851Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31933 Carr-Scott 
3 BRADBURY, Jonathan  1845Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I11053 Carr-Scott 
4 COX, Hannah  1847Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31932 Carr-Scott 
5 GOSSE, Alice Agatha  14 MAY 1928Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I32846 Carr-Scott 
6 GOSSE, James  28 NOV 1899Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I105 Carr-Scott 
7 GOSSE, Michael Francis  18 OCT 1930Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I32847 Carr-Scott 
8 GOSSE, Thomas  24 JUL 1935Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I28181 Carr-Scott 
9 GOSSE, William  18 JUL 1910Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I32845 Carr-Scott 
10 MARTIN, Sarah  03 MAR 1959Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I28182 Carr-Scott 
11 RYAN, Patrick  1900Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I145 Carr-Scott 
12 TAPPER, George  1882Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I19899 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRADBURY, Ellen  1851Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31933 Carr-Scott 
2 BRADBURY, Jonathan  1845Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I11053 Carr-Scott 
3 COX, Hannah  1847Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada I31932 Carr-Scott 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GOSSE / Keogh  13 MAY 1892Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada F9722 Carr-Scott 
2 GOSSE / MARTIN  09 DEC 1897Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada F8357 Carr-Scott