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Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA

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Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA
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City : Latitude: 44.63651, Longitude: -123.10593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 DAWSON, Harriet Melissa  20 MAY 1854Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1218 Carr-Scott 
2 PAYNE, Amy  16 MAY 1890Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I21448 Carr-Scott 
3 PAYNE, Everett Lee  11 NOV 1880Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1343 Carr-Scott 
4 PAYNE, Frankie Eugenia  12 MAY 1885Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1345 Carr-Scott 
5 PAYNE, Marguerite Grace  AUG 1883Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1344 Carr-Scott 
6 ROBERTSON, James Lorraine  1914Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3124 Carr-Scott 
7 ROBERTSON, Robert L.  JUL 1917Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3123 Carr-Scott 
8 ROBERTSON, Ruth Louise  07 SEP 1924Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3125 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MORGAN, Drusilla  10 JUL 1870Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3100 Carr-Scott 
2 PARSONS, John Darian  24 DEC 1925Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1341 Carr-Scott 
3 PAYNE, Amy  06 JUL 1980Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I21448 Carr-Scott 
4 PAYNE, Martin  22 JUL 1900Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1228 Carr-Scott 
5 PAYNE, Matilda Anne  06 JUN 1933Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1235 Carr-Scott 
6 PRICE, Mary  28 OCT 1878Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1229 Carr-Scott 
7 PRICE, Nimrod  30 OCT 1898Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3104 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUSBY, Erma Estella  1880Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1250 Carr-Scott 
2 BUSBY, Erma Estella  1900Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1250 Carr-Scott 
3 BUSBY, Mathilda  1880Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I27536 Carr-Scott 
4 PAYNE, Amy  1940Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I21448 Carr-Scott 
5 PAYNE, Everett Lee  1900Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1343 Carr-Scott 
6 PAYNE, Frankie Eugenia  1900Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1345 Carr-Scott 
7 PAYNE, Marguerite Grace  1900Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1344 Carr-Scott 
8 PAYNE, Martin  1870Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1228 Carr-Scott 
9 PAYNE, Martin  1880Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1228 Carr-Scott 
10 PAYNE, Martin  1900Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1228 Carr-Scott 
11 PRICE, Mary  1870Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I1229 Carr-Scott 
12 ROBERTSON, James Carlton  1940Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3122 Carr-Scott 
13 ROBERTSON, James Lorraine  1940Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3124 Carr-Scott 
14 ROBERTSON, Robert L.  1940Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3123 Carr-Scott 
15 ROBERTSON, Ruth Louise  1940Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA I3125 Carr-Scott 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 PAYNE / BUSBY  31 JUL 1879Albany, Linn, Oregon, USA F678 Carr-Scott