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Tennessee, USA

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Tennessee, USA
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Parish : Latitude: 35.51749, Longitude: -86.58045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AIRHEART, Willie  1875Tennessee, USA I14301 Carr-Scott 
2 ALEXANDER, Mary Lucinda  27 AUG 1883Tennessee, USA I32342 Carr-Scott 
3 ANDERSON, A. W.  1800Tennessee, USA I25098 Carr-Scott 
4 ANDERSON, Knox W.  18 MAR 1878Tennessee, USA I5480 Carr-Scott 
5 ANDERSON, Laura A.  1870Tennessee, USA I25823 Carr-Scott 
6 ANDERSON, Mary Ann  13 NOV 1867Tennessee, USA I25350 Carr-Scott 
7 ANDERSON, Richard L.  1864Tennessee, USA I25822 Carr-Scott 
8 ANDERSON, Robert C.  1859Tennessee, USA I25820 Carr-Scott 
9 ANDERSON, T. J.  1868Tennessee, USA I13571 Carr-Scott 
10 ANDERSON, Thomas J.  Abt 1840Tennessee, USA I13570 Carr-Scott 
11 ANDERSON, William R.  1861Tennessee, USA I25821 Carr-Scott 
12 APPLETON, Felix Monroe  25 JAN 1853Tennessee, USA I3938 Carr-Scott 
13 ASHFORD, John Alexander  15 APR 1850Tennessee, USA I14340 Carr-Scott 
14 AYTES, Rebecca Ann  28 DEC 1860Tennessee, USA I27187 Carr-Scott 
15 BAKER, A. J.  Abt 1830Tennessee, USA I18860 Carr-Scott 
16 BAKER, Andrew J.  1860Tennessee, USA I19645 Carr-Scott 
17 BAKER, Elliott Leroy  14 OCT 1884Tennessee, USA I12829 Carr-Scott 
18 BAKER, Gabriel  1858Tennessee, USA I19649 Carr-Scott 
19 BAKER, George W.  1858Tennessee, USA I19644 Carr-Scott 
20 BAKER, Hariet J.  1855Tennessee, USA I19642 Carr-Scott 
21 BAKER, Isaac  1833Tennessee, USA I19652 Carr-Scott 
22 BAKER, Isaac Leroy  1854Tennessee, USA I12837 Carr-Scott 
23 BAKER, James A.  1865Tennessee, USA I19647 Carr-Scott 
24 BAKER, Jane  1796Tennessee, USA I19650 Carr-Scott 
25 BAKER, John  1833Tennessee, USA I19653 Carr-Scott 
26 BAKER, Mary M.  1862Tennessee, USA I19646 Carr-Scott 
27 BAKER, Mirha  NOV 1862Tennessee, USA I12838 Carr-Scott 
28 BAKER, Preston  1833Tennessee, USA I19651 Carr-Scott 
29 BAKER, Samuel  1824Tennessee, USA I19640 Carr-Scott 
30 BAKER, Samuel  1868Tennessee, USA I19648 Carr-Scott 
31 BAKER, William P.  1856Tennessee, USA I19643 Carr-Scott 
32 BARBEE, Mary Elizabeth  1824Tennessee, USA I298 Carr-Scott 
33 BARNES, Sarah Angeline  10 DEC 1853Tennessee, USA I16102 Carr-Scott 
34 BEASLEY, Nancy  1848Tennessee, USA I31244 Carr-Scott 
35 BIBLE, Clarissa  04 JAN 1831Tennessee, USA I28477 Carr-Scott 
36 BIGGAR, James W.  1775Tennessee, USA I5834 Carr-Scott 
37 BIGGAR, Richard Sweazea  1 JAN 1817Tennessee, USA I5858 Carr-Scott 
38 BIGGERS, Ambrose C.  01 JAN 1801Tennessee, USA I5832 Carr-Scott 
39 BIGGERS, Lucinda  01 JAN 1804Tennessee, USA I5853 Carr-Scott 
40 BIGHAM, George N.  APR 1869Tennessee, USA I26988 Carr-Scott 
41 BILLINGSLEY, Martha  1833Tennessee, USA I10330 Carr-Scott 
42 BINGHAM, Rufine B.  15 APR 1860Tennessee, USA I23613 Carr-Scott 
43 BINGHAM, Rufus  1860Tennessee, USA I23619 Carr-Scott 
44 BINGHAM, Volney G.  1858Tennessee, USA I23616 Carr-Scott 
45 BLEVENS, Dicy E.  1847Tennessee, USA I23274 Carr-Scott 
46 BLYTHE, Charlotte Temple  1833Tennessee, USA I12433 Carr-Scott 
47 BLYTHE, Jacob  1834Tennessee, USA I21899 Carr-Scott 
48 BLYTHE, Maredian C.  1839Tennessee, USA I21901 Carr-Scott 
49 BLYTHE, William M.  1837Tennessee, USA I21900 Carr-Scott 
50 BOBBITT, Lucy  1854Tennessee, USA I23329 Carr-Scott 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEASLEY, Nancy  Bef 1878Tennessee, USA I31244 Carr-Scott 
2 BRASFIELD, Emily E.  13 MAR 1855Tennessee, USA I12470 Carr-Scott 
3 BRASFIELD, Kate Demitria  01 APR 1889Tennessee, USA I12471 Carr-Scott 
4 CHEWNING, James C  1862Tennessee, USA I11870 Carr-Scott 
5 DOZIER, James Lawrence III  19 JUL 1985Tennessee, USA I9343 Carr-Scott 
6 EASTWOOD, William Wiley  09 MAR 1895Tennessee, USA I31264 Carr-Scott 
7 FEATHERSTON, Elizabeth C.  Tennessee, USA I8961 Carr-Scott 
8 HADLEY, Elizabeth Jane  25 MAR 1882Tennessee, USA I32892 Carr-Scott 
9 HADLY, William H.  17 DEC 1899Tennessee, USA I32893 Carr-Scott 
10 ISBELL, William F.  13 JUN 1862Tennessee, USA I18759 Carr-Scott 
11 JOHNSON, Nancy Almira  08 MAR 1893Tennessee, USA I31265 Carr-Scott 
12 MARSHAL, Amanda  10 JUL 1917Tennessee, USA I28936 Carr-Scott 
13 MARTIN, Mattie Lou  14 JUN 1915Tennessee, USA I32402 Carr-Scott 
14 MCGEHEE, Elvira Adaline  01 MAY 1881Tennessee, USA I17125 Carr-Scott 
15 MORGAN, Nancy A  Bef 1870Tennessee, USA I22039 Carr-Scott 
16 PARKER, Elizabeth  Bef 1856Tennessee, USA I25624 Carr-Scott 
17 ROWE, Dolores K.  1994Tennessee, USA I32404 Carr-Scott 
18 SHIPMAN, Rebecca  Abt 1816Tennessee, USA I5773 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 JONES, John  Tennessee, USA I3806 Carr-Scott 

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 INMAN, Samuel Chelton  1861Tennessee, USA I10170 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRASFIELD, George Simpson  1862Tennessee, USA I12466 Carr-Scott 
2 ISBELL, Zachariah Sr.  1777Tennessee, USA I13078 Carr-Scott 
3 WALKER, Mary M.  Tennessee, USA I14658 Carr-Scott 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / NIX  Abt 1867Tennessee, USA F2349 Carr-Scott 
2 BOLT / BILLINGSLEY  1847Tennessee, USA F3262 Carr-Scott 
3 DICKEY / McVey  Tennessee, USA F6665 Carr-Scott 
4 ISBELL / RICHARDSON  1788Tennessee, USA F4607 Carr-Scott 
5 VAUGHT / LARISON  1850Tennessee, USA F4057 Carr-Scott 
6 WHITT / Rogers  1877Tennessee, USA F5626 Carr-Scott 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 HAYMORE / WALKER  Bef JUL 1913Tennessee, USA F4162 Carr-Scott