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Harris, Earl Wayne (1901-1986)

Not in tree since his relationship is not yet established. He is buried in a plot along with his wife Mary Gibson (Poole) Harris and with James Lemuel Poole (1877-1954) and James wife Ada Catherine (Gibson) Poole (1891-1950). Photos of all may have been taken in the cemetery because of the Poole name - under the assumption that they were related to the nearby Wight and Redding families.

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Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta, Georgia, USA

Cemetery Photos

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1Arnall, family plot Arnall, family plot
Visible stones include Henry Clay, his wife Sallie Kate and unnamed son. 
2Arnall, Henry Clay Arnall, Henry Clay
3Arnall, Sallie Kate Wynn Arnall, Sallie Kate Wynn
4Arnall, son: 1890 Arnall, son: 1890
An unnamed son of Henry Clay and Sallie Kate Arnall. The inscription reads: "With the Angels". 
5Brewster, James Pendleton (1882-1929) Brewster, James Pendleton (1882-1929)
"He gave his life to save another"

"Greater love hath no man than this. That a man lay down his life for his friends."

His death certificate indicated that Jame was asphyxiated when he entered "a silo in which gas had formed in a attempt to rescue the life of Sam Bolton who was dead in the silo." 
6Brewster, Martha Wright (1887-1976) Brewster, Martha Wright (1887-1976)
7Featherston family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, GA Featherston family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, GA
The graves for Bessie Featherston and M.A.F. are not yet linked to persons. Clarifying information would be gladly received. 
8Featherston monument Featherston monument
9Featherston, Bessie Featherston, Bessie
Bessie had not been associated with a family. Yet. Suggestions are welcome. 
10Featherston, Edward Pitts (1846-1882) Featherston, Edward Pitts (1846-1882)
11Featherston, Joseph Ernest (1863-1933) Featherston, Joseph Ernest (1863-1933)
12Featherston, Laura Grant Dubose (1860-1944) Featherston, Laura Grant Dubose (1860-1944)
13Featherston, Lucius H (1814-1886) Featherston, Lucius H (1814-1886)
14Featherston, Lucius H (1814-1886) Featherston, Lucius H (1814-1886)
CSA: 56 Georgia Infantry, Company K 
15Featherston, M. A. Featherston, M. A.
Not yet identified. 
16Featherston, Mary Clara (Parks) (1877-1960) Featherston, Mary Clara (Parks) (1877-1960)
17Featherston, Mary Ella (1905-1960) Featherston, Mary Ella (1905-1960)
18Featherston, Sarah Maria (1851-1895) Featherston, Sarah Maria (1851-1895)
19Featherston, Thomas Middleton (1858-1874) Featherston, Thomas Middleton (1858-1874)
20Featherston, William Steagall (1853-1932) Featherston, William Steagall (1853-1932)
21Freeman, Hattie Walker Arnall(1858-1941) Freeman, Hattie Walker Arnall(1858-1941)
22Poole, Ada Cathatrine Gibson (1891-1950) Poole, Ada Cathatrine Gibson (1891-1950)
Not yet linked to this tree 
23Ramey family plot Ramey family plot
24Ramey, George Washington (1839- 1895) Ramey, George Washington (1839- 1895)
25Ramey, George Washington (1839-1895) Ramey, George Washington (1839-1895)
26Ramey, Nancy Ellen Austin (1846-1886) Ramey, Nancy Ellen Austin (1846-1886)
27Ramey, Ralph (1872-1906) Ramey, Ralph (1872-1906)
28Ramey, Virginia (1864-1897) Ramey, Virginia (1864-1897)
29Shields, Laura Featherston (1892-1919)_ Shields, Laura Featherston (1892-1919)_
30Stacy, Mary Jane (1841-1881) Stacy, Mary Jane (1841-1881)
This person is not linked in this tree. Details by RJCarr to follow. 
31Underwood, Nancy (1814-1880) Underwood, Nancy (1814-1880)
32Walker, Daniel H (1832-1908) Walker, Daniel H (1832-1908)
Walker, Hattie Faver (1840-1912) 
33Wright, A Texas Dickson (?-1934) Wright, A Texas Dickson (?-1934)
Not linked in tree 
34Wright, Allie Dickson (1854-1899) Wright, Allie Dickson (1854-1899)
35Wright, Benjamin Harvey (1815-1903) Wright, Benjamin Harvey (1815-1903)
36Wright, Benjamin Harvey (1819-1903) Wright, Benjamin Harvey (1819-1903)
Benjamin's date of birth and death are noted on the nearby monument. 
37Wright, Benjamin Harvey family plot Wright, Benjamin Harvey family plot
The plot is located in a back portion of the old section of the cemetery on the fence line bordering a single-story home at the intersection of Elm Street and Jackson Street.

An additional grave is included in the family plot, but is not yet properly associated:
A. Texas Dickson Wright
August 30, 1934
"A Life Spent in Love and Service for Others" 
38Wright, Emily (1880-1980) Wright, Emily (1880-1980)
Emily's specific relationship within the Wight family is being researched. 
39Wright, Emily (1892-1929) Wright, Emily (1892-1929)
"At Rest"
Although buried in the Wright family plot, her specific relationship to the Wright family is not yet clear. 
40Wright, Emily (1895-1899) Wright, Emily (1895-1899)
"Daughter of W.C. & Pauline Wright" 
41Wright, Emily Eubanks Tompkins (1829-1914) Wright, Emily Eubanks Tompkins (1829-1914)
42Wright, Emily Eubanks Tompkins (1829-1914) Wright, Emily Eubanks Tompkins (1829-1914)
Emily's date of birth and death are noted on the nearby monument. 
43Wright, Eubanks Tompkins (1847-1865) Wright, Eubanks Tompkins (1847-1865)
"Son of B.H. & Emily Wright"

"The dutiful and christian son and a brave soldier boy who died for the cause of his beloved Southland while in the service in the Army of the Confederate States of America(?)" 
44Wright, Eubanks Tompkins (1847-1865) Wright, Eubanks Tompkins (1847-1865)
Eubanks' birth and death dates are noted on a nearby monument. 
45Wright, Giles Benjamin (1851-1923) Wright, Giles Benjamin (1851-1923)
46Wright, Nicholas T (1854-1907) Wright, Nicholas T (1854-1907)
47Wright, Pauline (1900-1901) Wright, Pauline (1900-1901)
"Daughter of W.C. & Pauline E. Wright" 
48Wright, Pauline Arnold (1868-1918) Wright, Pauline Arnold (1868-1918)
"Wife of William C. Wright"
"A devoted and loyal wife who trusted her husband and shared his joys and sorrow. An affectionate and sacrificing mother who exemplified the highest type of motherhood. A true and unselfish friend and a consecrated and devout christian" 
49Wright, Sue Pinson (1856-1935) Wright, Sue Pinson (1856-1935)
50Wright, William Carter (1866-1933) Wright, William Carter (1866-1933)
"A devoted husband, a loving father, a true friend, a useful citizen a wise counsellor (sic), an able statesman a loyal churchman who faithfully and unselfishly discharged every duty of life." 
51Wright, William Carter (1866-1933) family plot Wright, William Carter (1866-1933) family plot

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