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Wilbarger County, Texas, USA

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Wilbarger County, Texas, USA
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County/Shire : Latitude: 34.06881, Longitude: -99.27856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURGESS, Benjamin  1886Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28026 Carr-Scott 
2 BURGESS, Carl E.  1889Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28024 Carr-Scott 
3 BURGESS, Cattye  1899Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27373 Carr-Scott 
4 BURGESS, Lila B. J.  1893Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28025 Carr-Scott 
5 DICKEY, Eugene  1913Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I23057 Carr-Scott 
6 LEVERETT, Amos Elijah  29 JUL 1902Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1559 Carr-Scott 
7 LEVERETT, Hubbard Lee  28 JAN 1900Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1558 Carr-Scott 
8 LEVERETT, Jeraldine  1937Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28031 Carr-Scott 
9 LEVERETT, Jesse Nathan  17 MAR 1896Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1556 Carr-Scott 
10 LEVERETT, Norma Jean  1934Wilbarger County, Texas, USa I28030 Carr-Scott 
11 LEVERETT, Thomas S.  1932Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28029 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 DICKEY, Eugene  27 FEB 1966Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I23057 Carr-Scott 
2 HOWELL, Emil  19 FEB 1965Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I9882 Carr-Scott 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BASHAM, Eva Linda  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I31293 Carr-Scott 
2 BROSEH, Joe Silas  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I12557 Carr-Scott 
3 BURGESS, Benjamin  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28026 Carr-Scott 
4 BURGESS, Carl E.  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28024 Carr-Scott 
5 BURGESS, Cattye  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27373 Carr-Scott 
6 BURGESS, Lila B. J.  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28025 Carr-Scott 
7 BURGESS, Pattye Lota  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27225 Carr-Scott 
8 BURGESS, Rupert Porter  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27227 Carr-Scott 
9 CATO, Lou Ressie  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1554 Carr-Scott 
10 CATO, Mittie Susan  1900Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1555 Carr-Scott 
11 CATO, Mittie Susan  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1555 Carr-Scott 
12 CATO, Mittie Susan  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1555 Carr-Scott 
13 CATO, Mittie Susan  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1555 Carr-Scott 
14 CATO, Mittie Susan  1940Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1555 Carr-Scott 
15 DIAL, Art P.  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I31298 Carr-Scott 
16 DIAL, Harvey Otho  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I31306 Carr-Scott 
17 DIAL, J.W.  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I31296 Carr-Scott 
18 ELLIS, Etta Jane  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27228 Carr-Scott 
19 HENDERSON, Malena M.  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I9241 Carr-Scott 
20 HOWELL, Serena Mary  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I12556 Carr-Scott 
21 LEVERETT, Amos Elijah  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1559 Carr-Scott 
22 LEVERETT, Amos Elijah  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1559 Carr-Scott 
23 LEVERETT, Charles Emory  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27200 Carr-Scott 
24 LEVERETT, Charles Emory  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27200 Carr-Scott 
25 LEVERETT, Claude Mason  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I27201 Carr-Scott 
26 LEVERETT, Hubbard Lee  1900Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1558 Carr-Scott 
27 LEVERETT, Hubbard Lee  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1558 Carr-Scott 
28 LEVERETT, Jeraldine  1940Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28031 Carr-Scott 
29 LEVERETT, Jesse Nathan  1900Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1556 Carr-Scott 
30 LEVERETT, Jesse Nathan  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1556 Carr-Scott 
31 LEVERETT, Jodie Barto  1900Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1557 Carr-Scott 
32 LEVERETT, Jodie Barto  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1557 Carr-Scott 
33 LEVERETT, John Thomas  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I9237 Carr-Scott 
34 LEVERETT, Lara R.  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I9243 Carr-Scott 
35 LEVERETT, Milas Meadows  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1508 Carr-Scott 
36 LEVERETT, Norma Jean  1940Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28030 Carr-Scott 
37 LEVERETT, Ora Randall  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I9242 Carr-Scott 
38 LEVERETT, Oscar Manton Sr.  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I19134 Carr-Scott 
39 LEVERETT, Thomas Barto  1900Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1510 Carr-Scott 
40 LEVERETT, Thomas Barto  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1510 Carr-Scott 
41 LEVERETT, Thomas Barto  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1510 Carr-Scott 
42 LEVERETT, Thomas Barto  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1510 Carr-Scott 
43 LEVERETT, Thomas Barto  1940Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1510 Carr-Scott 
44 LEVERETT, Thomas S.  1940Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28029 Carr-Scott 
45 LEVERETT, Thomas Sherrill  1910Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1560 Carr-Scott 
46 LEVERETT, Thomas Sherrill  1920Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1560 Carr-Scott 
47 LEVERETT, Thomas Sherrill  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1560 Carr-Scott 
48 LEVERETT, Thomas Sherrill  1940Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I1560 Carr-Scott 
49 MITCHELL, Alda Birt  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I12863 Carr-Scott 
50 RICHIE, Beatrice Maxine  1930Wilbarger County, Texas, USA I28027 Carr-Scott 

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