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Histories: Pate, James Elvie: 1944 A Tough 'Ombre

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Pate, James Elvie: 1944 A Tough 'Ombre

Media TitlePate, James Elvie: 1944 A Tough 'Ombre
Media NotesIn December 1941, James Elvie Pate was a 32-year-old, single ranch hand on the Tommy Brook Ranch in west Texas and a base violin player in a local band. By April 1942 he had joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to the 90th Infantry Division – the Tough ‘Ombres. Two years later he was a married sergeant aboard a ship passing by the Statue of Liberty - bound for England and eventual participation in the landings on Utah Beach. Four days following that landing and within several miles of the beach he was wounded and sent back to England for treatment. Upon return to France he fought in the operation known as the Falaise Pocket. Just days before that battle was won, Sergeant Pate paid the ultimate sacrifice. Years later his only sister fought to have her Tough ‘Ombre returned home to Texas.

The story of Sergeant Pate's service reflects the great care Virginia (Wilson) Bailey, his niece, took to collect and retain artifacts of his service and her graciousness in sharing them with the author.

The booklet is available @ and searching for "Sergeant James Elvie Pate"
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